A Guide to International Trademark Registration

The trademark is one of the very crucial aspect when it comes to giving your business an identity.  A trademark that is unique  will ensure the genuine individuality of a business which will largely help in securing  your business and it will even  help  your business gain  exclusive rights.  many sleazy businessmen do the business of  copying the  popular brands'  names and logos to be able to profit through deception  so that they can get profit from your reputation It yourself protected with this trap by  creating and registering your trademark internationally. 


You might get intimidated with the trademark registration however it is actually pretty easy as you can apply For it in your own country such as in Canada trademark wherein they have iGERENT wherein you can acquire a free identical search Which is totally hassle free If you are registered because  you will be able to monitor the process of your registration through the internet.  an application for international trademark is not something to get intimidated with as there are lots of ways for you to have  an international trademark for example if you want to Canada trademark  then you would want to monitor your registration with an IP consultant  who will be  monitoring the flow of your international trademark registration  which is available with iGERENT  One of the first important  steps that you should  take is to examine  the availability of your trademark that means toro checking for any similar  brand names or logos before actually filing or the trademark's registration. However there are certain variations when it comes to the policies of trademarks,  a certain word in a brand name  can be used at  different businesses as  long as  those are all different  fields and it would not create confusion. 


Registering an international trademark Is first done by  making a request to the U.S. patent and trademark office with their basic registration procedure.  Individuals who are currently residing  in the united states  or those who are of american citizenship  or individuals who says a business establishment in the U.S.  can  file for trademark registration to the U.S. patent and trademark office. The international registration should have the accounts of all the goods and services under the trademark.

 Perhaps  inter international the process of registering an international trademark would first start  at the U.S. patent and trademark office  and then after passing some several procedures,  it would be sent to the  international  bureau. 


However this does not mean that the international Bureau will register the trademark if it is already approved by the us patent and trademark office but they will simply act as  guarantee that it is indeed an international claim which is based in the United States which also will pave way  for the  binding of the  official date of receipt of the international registration for the trademark.   Next, the international bureau  will make careful assessments  with the international trademark registration  as well as ensuring that the costs are paid as well as the necessities are being met.  The International Bureau  will register the trademark  and then passed it to the the set of international marks to be circulated as well to the holder of international registration along with the certificate  and inform the contracting parties.

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