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The Importance of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration will secure your business identity and give you commercial advantage and market position.  It is only through registering your trademark that you can have these benefits.  It is only through having a trademark that you can well secure your intellectual property rights.  You can enjoy exclusive rights as the owner of a business with a registered trademark.  With a registered trademark, you will get all these benefits below.

The main advantage of having a registered trademark is exclusivity.  IF you have a brand or logo, then you have exclusive rights to these if your trademark is registered through iGERENT trademark registration usa.  Your brand is exclusively yours and anybody trying to copy it is not allowed to do so since you are the official owner of that brand.  In cases of misrepresentation or breach of intellectual property rights, you have unlimited protection.

You can take legal action against a person or company who violates your trademark rights.  If you register your trademark, then you have rights that nobody can violate.  You can seek legal action in a federal court if a third party uses your trademark without consent.


If you have a brand that is secured by trademark registration then you have a reliable legal foundation to build the reputation of your business in the marketplace.  You can create better brand awareness in countries where the mark is registered in.  With the increase in the life of your business through trademark registration, there will also be an increase in the trust of your customers.

The most important advantage of trademark registration is nationwide priority, and for international trademark registration, international priority.  Because of your priority, you will be provided with more extensive trademark protection and exclusive international ownership of the trademark.  Filing for trademark application will protect the priority date for the future security of your trademark.  When you first use your trademark in trade that provides you with nationwide and international priority, that is the priority date, but the exception here is for companies that have filed a trademark before you.

You will have the right to use the "R" symbol once you have registered your trademark.  The R symbol tells everyone that your trademark is registered and protected.  Inappropriate use of the R symbol can subject anyone to legal action since only  properly registered trademarks can use that symbol.

If you register your trademark, you have a level of control over your domain names and you can effectively regulate similar URL registrations.  Your chances of abstaining from using a similar www domain name also improves.  If you already have a domain name, and a business name, it is still necessary to register your trademark and get all the benefits so get in tough with iGERENT now.

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